4/7 Origami Project Update

Dorcas Lin, Ray Pai, Sophie Paul 4/7 Experiment Printed Templates 4/5 Experiment 4/1 Experiment Heat as Adhesive and Form Creation Two zig-zag overlapping this created semi-flexible hinges depending on which portion set first Two strips overlapping 3. Adding pressure to touchpoints to create hybrid joint Exploring New Design Affordances As our fabrication has begun to
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Exercise: Clarifying Research Scope

Introduction We are creating an interactive DIY book for teenagers and adults with self-folding/actuating origami pages that aid the reader’s process of making. Our overarching goal is to accommodate a hands-on learning style by making it easier to visualize through tactile experiences. For example, a lesson in the book could be an “introduction to circuits
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Exercise 6

WeatherWorlds: Body & Space at the National Children’s Museum https://www.design-io.com/projects/weatherworlds Weather Worlds is an interactive installation that allows kids to immerse and experience a dynamic environment with “superpowers”. Using their body, children can conjure a storm, release a twisting tornado, or rain down bolts of lightning from their fingertips. The connection of visuals on the
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Exercise 5

Iridescence is a 3D printed collar that responds to the movement and emotions of those around the wearer. The project was commissioned by the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago for the exhibit “Wired to Wear.” It explores how our clothing become a nonverbal form of communication through changes in texture and color.

Exercise 4: Peer Review

Paper: Augmenting Soft Robotics with Sound Bering Christiansen, Mads & Jørgensen, Jonas. (2020). Augmenting Soft Robotics with Sound. 133-135. 10.1145/3371382.3378328. — The following form is a synthesis of typical review forms, although strongly influenced by the HRI process. Do you have any conflict of interest in reviewing this paper? A “conflict of interest” is defined
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