Post 1: “Electroactive textile actuators for wearable and soft robots”

I chose this article because I want to learn more about embedding circuits into soft actuators.

BibLaTeX citation:

@INPROCEEDINGS{8404942,  author={J. {Guo} and C. {Xiang} and T. {Helps} and M. {Taghavi} and J. {Rossiter}},  booktitle={2018 IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft)},   title={Electroactive textile actuators for wearable and soft robots},   year={2018},  volume={},  number={},  pages={339-343},  abstract={Smart fabrics offer the potential for a new generation of soft robotics, reactive clothing and wearable technologies through the fusion of smart materials, textiles and electrical circuitry. In this work we present a range of smart fabrics and reactive textiles for soft robotics. We investigate conductive stretchable textiles for the fabrication of dielectric elastomer (DE) and electroadhesive (EA) actuators. These include a planar DE actuator, a bending DE actuator, and an EA actuator. The textile DE actuator generated a relative area expansion of 16.4 % under 9 kV while the bending actuator generated a relative expansion of 5 % under 6 kV. The EA actuator generated a shear adhesive force of 0.14 kPa at less than 5 kV. This work shows the feasibility of using conductive fabrics for soft actuation technologies. Conductive textiles have the potential to deliver simple, comfortable, multi-function and wearable soft robotic devices and complete soft robots.},  keywords={actuators;adhesion;adhesives;bending;clothing;elastomers;electric actuators;fabrics;intelligent materials;wearable robots;textile DE actuator;relative area expansion;bending actuator;relative expansion;EA actuator;conductive fabrics;soft actuation technologies;conductive textiles;wearable soft robotic devices;electroactive textile actuators;wearable robots;smart fabrics;soft robotics;reactive clothing;wearable technologies;electrical circuitry;conductive stretchable textiles;dielectric elastomer;electroadhesive actuators;planar DE actuator;bending DE actuator;pressure 0.14 kPa;Actuators;Textiles;Electrodes;Soft robotics;Force;Strain;conductive textiles;dielectric elastomer actuators;electroadhesion;soft actuators},  doi={10.1109/ROBOSOFT.2018.8404942},  ISSN={},  month={April},}

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