Exercise 3: Lateral Search

I started with the “GoQBot” article (1) from my previous post. Finding it on the CMU Library website, I clicked the link to view papers cited in it. I found a brief article called “Caterpillar Kinematics” (2), which describes the evasive rolling maneuver caterpillars are capable of doing. This movement was the biological inspiration for the GoQBot’s movement.
I then used the CMU Library website again to find one of the 70 papers citing the article. One of these papers presented another soft robot (3), this one a small robot capable of swimming in and on top of water and to carry payloads. While it appears to be far smaller, this robot follows a similar form factor to the GoQBot with movement that mimics a caterpillar to a certain degree.
Using the CMU Library website from the same source paper again, I also found a paper presenting two robots capable of different forms of jumping (4). Both are biomimetic to a certain degree, but neither of them could be easily classified as “soft robots”. The robots presented exhibit a rolling jumping motion (somewhat similar to the caterpillar rolling technique), and a gliding jumping technique.

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