The Development of Bow. Project Overview: Bow. is an interactive silicone robotic display. The display utilizes a camera to detect a user’s hand (wave) and, when a hand is present, reacts to the user. The display’s reaction is a mix between a wave and a bow. Project Objectives: The objective of our project was to
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Sea Anemone

Sea Anemone

Elise Chapman and Leah Walko Project Objectives: To imitate a living organism that reacts to human touch/proximity by way of group movement. The organism reactions should feel organic and unpredictable, engaging the audience. Reflection on the Creative Design Opportunities: We embraced the use of silicon, pneumatic actuation, and capacitive touch sensing to create a feeling
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Week 5 Progress Report – Fiona and Gia

final mold design gesture detection We first found the thresholds for the four directions (left, right, forward, back) through trial and error and created conditions in the main loop to check for changes in the x, y, and z values that crossed these thresholds. We took inspiration for the algorithm from this paper: Then,
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