Week 5 Progress Report – Fiona and Gia

final mold design

gesture detection

We first found the thresholds for the four directions (left, right, forward, back) through trial and error and created conditions in the main loop to check for changes in the x, y, and z values that crossed these thresholds. We took inspiration for the algorithm from this paper: https://www.irjmets.com/uploadedfiles/paper/volume3/issue_2_february_2021/6052/1628083249.pdf

direction detection

Then, we took at the axes of movement for three gestures: normal wave (left to right), cat wave (up down), and a palm flip. Based on the direction of movement across a time window, we were able to create loops in the main sequence to detect these movements.

Overall, this week we made good progress. We were able to 3D print our mold and cast our part for the final bracelet. We were also able to create a program that detects 3 types of gestures.

Casted Bracelets


(our video testing our prototypes)

We casted a bunch of prototypes and we are trying to put together our final bracelet. We tested them all today and we are running into some issues with the tubes keep popping off, but we think we got some finalized versions that should work once we tie it together in a bracelet!

Here is us testing the whole bracelet mechanism together with all the gestures!

Final test prototype to see if it will work to silicon two bracelet parts together:

New objectives for the upcoming week

  • Putting everything together: bracelet construction and making box with tube connection and making sure everything is seamless for show and documentation

need to buy

  • idk maybe string if we want nicer string?

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