Day 4: (Mon Jan 30, Week 3) Peer Review

Notes for 2023-01-30.

New Assignments


  1. Review of peer review exercise (about 5 minutes per paper)

    • Prompts

      • Why did you pick it?

      • What can we learn from this paper?

      • Summary of judgement?

    • Huang et al., “Soft Micromachines with Programmable Motility and Morphology” [R24]

    • Lee and Cho, “Development of Magnet Connection of Modular Units for Soft Robotics” [R36]

    • Chen et al., “A Multi-Module Soft Robotic Arm with Soft End Effector for Minimally Invasive Surgery” [R7]

    • Rahman, “Bioinspired Dynamic Affect-Based Motion Control of a Humanoid Robot to Collaborate with Human in Manufacturing” [R60]

    • der Maur et al., “RoBoa” [R93]

    • Golchin, Hadi, and Tarvirdizadeh, “Development of A New Soft Robotic Module Using Compressed Air and Shape Memory Alloys” [R16]

    • Hoang et al., “A Wearable Soft Fabric Sleeve for Upper Limb Augmentation” [R23]

    • Khoramshahi, Morel, and Jarrassé, “Intent-Aware Control in Kinematically Redundant Systems” [R31]

    • Purnendu et al., “Soft Electrohydraulic Actuators for Origami Inspired Shape-Changing Interfaces” [R95]

    • Zhou et al., “A Bistable Jumping Robot with Pure Soft Body Actuated by Twisted Artificial Muscle.” [R90]

  2. Mid-class break.

  3. Discussion of Art and Design Literature

  4. Breakouts. What scope of work in art and design which might inform our approach? (didn’t happen)

    1. Say hello, introduce yourselves again (in our new in-person looks).

    2. Brainstorm search terms and starting point for art and design work related to the course theme of soft technology.

    3. Try to quickly find an example of what you think might be relevant. It’s fine to pick something you’ve seen before.

    4. Discussion.

  5. Brief facilities tour for anyone new to the IDeATe fabrication labs. (didn’t happen)