Posting to the site

The first step for submitting an assignment is create a post on the course website.  The course website is powered by WordPress, a free and open-source blogging tool and CMS.  Using WordPress is pretty intuitive, but if you encounter difficulty there is a lot of support available online.

Your post should include the Max patch that was created for the assignment.  To post your patch:

  1.  Unlock your patch.  Select the entire patch (you can hit Command-A to Select All).  Go to the Edit menu and select Copy Compressed.
  2.  Make a gist on github and paste the URL into your WordPress post.  Wordpress will automatically display the code, like so:

Your posts should also include video and audio documentation of what your patch does.  Video documentation can be delivered via Vimeo or Youtube – both offer free accounts.  Formatting the video in a WordPress post is super-easy, just paste the link into the WordPress Visual editor [i.e. or], and WordPress will format it nicely, like so:

Sound recordings can be delivered via SoundCloud, which also offers free accounts.  Posting SoundClouds is also super-easy, just post the link into the Visual editor [i.e.], and WordPress will auto-format it nicely, like so:

Under “Categories” tag your post with “Assignments”:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 2.30.44 PM

Don’t forget: After you have created your post on the website, you must turn in the assignment using Blackboard by pasting a link to your post in the “Text Submission” area.

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