Trippy Video Edit

For my second project, I decided to create a system that would alter a pre-existing video utilizing an audio input, a concept that deviated from my first project, which created visual from scratch. My patch had multiple parts to it. One portion essentially created a system that served as a sort of green screen effect. The original video I found was a music video with a completely white set, which served well for the purposes of demonstrating my project.

I added an object that would transform the colors of the video by adding “gain”. I utilized chromakey in order to overlay another clip over where the white portions of the video would be. The effect I achieved was interesting, as the video wouldn’t overlay until the background would “gain” up to a white color, as I set the chromakey to white. The colors in the clip that weren’t white were dramatically transformed. The intensity of this effect was linked to a bass sound through the usage of a bandpass filter. On top of this, I added a delay system that was also linked to the bandpass filter. The following video is the result of all this.