Assignment 3-Jonathan Namovic

I decided to base my project around my trip to 18-090 from my first class in Wean. The signal I chose to convolve is a sound clip of me running with a backpack on.

Me runnining

I took my two real world impulse recordings from the entrance to Baker Hall and my classroom in Wean.

Wean Classroom

Running in Wean

Baker Hall Entrance

Running in Baker


I then decided to use a snippet from a song called “Prom Night” by Anamanaguchi for its airy sound to emulate  the sound of running in a dream.

Snippet from “Prom Night”

Running in a dream

I tried to use the sound of a toilet flush as my last sound to create the sound of running in a cave but it ended up sounding more stuffy than originally planned so I decided to call the last convolution Running in a Nightmare.

Toilet Flush

Running in a Nightmare

For recording, I used the convolution patch we studied in class with an sfrecord~ object to capture the audio.