Making It So Reading #1

I read Exploring Science Through Science Fiction by Professor Luokkala when I took his Science & Science Fiction class, and although these two books study science fictions/sci-fis, they look into very different things. It was interesting to see how the authors of Making It So decided to tackle the structure of their research and presentation. I really like how interfaces in science fiction are studied in a inspiring fashion, i.e. the authors don’t criticize what’s wrong/impossible but what we can learn from them and how they have changed real-world interfaces/products.

What was the most fascinating to me was the amount of data they collected and data visualization. For example, when discussing colors, the authors used color histograms and effectively demonstrated that blue is the most popular color. I knew the psychological fact that blue is the universal preferred color, but I didn’t know that blue was used the most in sci-fi movies due to technology constraints.


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