Interesting State Machines

Korea’s public bathroom state machine; tells you which booths are occupied
Ground traffic lights for people whoo look at their phone when waiting/crossing the road
music player; shows different states and it is followed by actions of going in and out of the current state


Junior in Art, trying to minor in physical computing.

One thought on “Interesting State Machines”

  1. In the US, we have “rest stops” and “truck stops” on major public highways. A rest stop has bathrooms, drinking water, maps, and maybe vending machines. A truck stop was originally for people driving semis, they not only had bathrooms but showers, diesel fuel, and sit-down restaurants. Rest stops slowly evolved in to something like a truck stop for people making long distance trips by car. When I drive from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, I always stop at the same two rest stops to stretch, get coffee, etc.

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