Sound in Physical Interaction Examples

Korean rice cooker: when the rice is ready, the voice says “Delicious rice is ready to be served” and the lid automatically opens. Based on time/water level one sets, the rice cooker serves the most ideal type of rice.

Theft alarm in stores: When people walk out with a product without paying, the alarm detects it and makes a loud noise.

Automatic Cat feeder at my house: whenever it is user’s set time, the voice recording of me saying “time to eat kitties!”(which I trained my cats to come and eat when I say this) plays automatically, and the chamber inside the feeder rotates and sends out cat food.

Not related to this topic, but I also made something similar in my last semester’s class, which is an automatic feeder that detects cats movement and also a cat exerciser.


Junior in Art, trying to minor in physical computing.

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      11st is like amazon in Korea, and they ship this worldwide (it’s a totally well known, safe platform)! They have different kinds, but the one I use for my cats is HT-P003. We tried using a water purifier from here as well but cats seem to find it very weird and scary because the water is moving.

      Let me know if you need more info!!

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