Interaction books that might not be about interaction

This is a suggested reading list for winter break or summer vacation.  None of these are required for class but I will cite them from time to time or suggest they are ways to drill down in to a specific topic.

Post comments if you think of books that should be on this list.  I’m ok with podcasts/videos if they have permanent URLs

Make it So, Nathan Shedroff:  User interface design from science fiction movies and television.

Design for the Real World, Victor Papanek:  a manifesto on the value of design over profit written by a guy who co-founded IDSA then got kicked out because of this book.

The Design of Design, Frederick Brooks:  thinking about design as a long-time designer of, well, everything.

The Chair, Galen Cranz:  Why do we spend so much time sitting and why is that bad for us?

The Invisible Computer, Donald Norman:  Title says it all.