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January 2016

Looking Outwards: Parallax Sumo Bots

    Explained: A complete kit sold by Parallax at $135 for one, and $225 for a complete kit. It uses BASIC Stamp control boards and comes equipped with servos, QTI line sensors, and other components all mounted on an aluminum… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Polar Arm with Arduino

Polar Arm with Arduino Created by Alessandro G. EXPLAINED: A way of drawing inputted data with high accuracy on paper with a swivel polar arm creation CHOSEN: This project was chosen because it could be modified to clean a whiteboard table in designated… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Cleaning Bot

5RNP EXPLAINED: A drawing robot exhibition which gathering visitors’ portrait based on image processing. CHOSEN: This project is a good example as a combination of art and technology. Which gives the robots a different charm. And the usage of computer vision… Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: DrawBot

                                                        EXPLAINED: The arduino-based drawing robot has a marker that it controls through… Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: Tracerbot

EXPLAINED: Tracerbot will circle while tracing on paper a object placed next to it. It utilizes a Spark Photon kit, cut out plexi sub-structure, wheels, 9v batteries, sensors and more. It detects a objects shape and leaving a outline of… Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: Mr. Cube: One Cubic Inch Micro-Sumo Robot

EXPLAINED: An autonomous sumo robot that is only one cubic inch in volume. CHOSEN: I chose this robot because it is an incredibly small robot. One of our ideas was to build one of our sumo bots smaller, but not nearly… Continue Reading →

Links from Mini Lecture on Mechanics

Hoberman Sphere Computational Design of Mechanical Characters Mechanical Movements Strandbeests Pen Plotters [I | II | III] Rapid Prototyping Design and Control of Tensegrity Soft Robot for Locomotion Omnidirectional Wheels Vertigo

Example Looking Outwards Post

Computational Design of Linkage-Based Characters EXPLAINED: A system for designing linkage based characters using a catalog of linkage types. CHOSEN:  I chose this project because it shows a new approach to designing complex linkages. This gives users without large amounts of… Continue Reading →

OSC Example

Here’s the example I shared in class for using OSC with the Photons. It’s also available as a Gist on Github.

Looking Outwards

On a number of occasions this semester (approximately once per project), you are going to complete a “looking outwards” assignment, where you search relevant fields for projects related to the current topic. You will then make a blog post of… Continue Reading →

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