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Eric Brockmeyer

Final Project Proposals

All, it is time for our final projects and the following text describes your proposal requirements. We live in an era of constant monitoring and electronic intervention. Mobile technologies have enabled fast computing on our persons in all aspects of… Continue Reading →

PROJECT 2 – Sensor [Part 1]

OBJECTIVE Make a sensor from a microphone that measures/detects an environmental condition that is not an audio source. You must convert some other physical energy (displacement, light, electricity, heat) to sound to be sensed by your microphone : DETAILS The first week… Continue Reading →

Example Looking Outwards Post

Computational Design of Linkage-Based Characters EXPLAINED: A system for designing linkage based characters using a catalog of linkage types. CHOSEN:  I chose this project because it shows a new approach to designing complex linkages. This gives users without large amounts of… Continue Reading →

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