Physical Computing Studio

CMU | Spring 2016 | 48-390


Erin O'Neill

A.R. Beyond Z – letters in real space with sound proposal

A.R Beyond Z PCS proposal 3.31.16 Augmented Reality Beyond Z drawing in your space. Draw letters and language with sound enhancements, real time in the space around you. To expand the idea of a fixed alphabet, make your own! Listen… Continue Reading →

Project 2: ‘Einstein, Gravity & 101 years’ – E. O’Neill

  ‘Einstein, Gravity & 101 years’ Initial seeds’ and direction of Einstein, Gravity & 101 years (E.G.101.Y) grew from my search for an elemental physical action that creates an under appreciated or surprising response and sound. Technologies involved include: Processing programing… Continue Reading →

Looking Outward: Tracerbot

EXPLAINED: Tracerbot will circle while tracing on paper a object placed next to it. It utilizes a Spark Photon kit, cut out plexi sub-structure, wheels, 9v batteries, sensors and more. It detects a objects shape and leaving a outline of… Continue Reading →

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