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Photon: Compiling Locally

If you’ve developed code for the photon, you know how annoying the necessity to develop and compile code in the “particle cloud.” Every time you have to make a change, you have to: upload your code wait for it to… Continue Reading →

Project 1: TracerBot

Rachel Nakamura, Lauren Valley, Erin O’Neill For our first project, we decided to do our best to create a small robot that would trace whatever object was placed on the table next to it. We thought that this would be… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: Exploratorium Drawbot

  Explained: It’s structure is simple: a flat bed suspended from its corners by wire so that it can smoothly swing, and a single arm that firmly presses a marker on a sheet of paper (drawing as the bed oscillates).   Chosen: The drawing… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: 2 DOF Plotting Robotic Arm – Arduino Platform

2 DOF Plotting Robotic Arm – Arduino Platform Created by Gregory Bourke EXPLAINED: This robot is a simple 2-d control system that can draw out inputs from a computer onto paper like a printer. There is a joint in the mechanism that… Continue Reading →

Looking Outwards: uArm Robot Arm Powered By Arduino

uArm Robot Arm Powered By Arduino Created by the UFad group EXPLAINED: This is a robot arm that is able to to move in 3 dimensions and swivel. It is modeled after a manufacturing robot and can pick objects up and… Continue Reading →

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