Project Title: Arduino Indoor Garden
Project Creator: MEGA DAS

This project uses a variety of sensors to understand the needs of a house plant. These sensors check for the plants need of air, water, and sunlight(well just light). A brightness sensor is used for the light, a moisture sensor for the water, and a humidity/temperature sensor for the air. This is meant to create a self-sustaining habitat for a house plant. Well self-sustaining as long as the Arduino is running.

The sensors and actuators used in this project

This project is best used for plants that require low light and decent amounts of water, as well as higher temperatures. While the user could always go into the code and change the numbers, most people wouldn’t know how to do that. Adding adjustment buttons and a small screen, or a few LEDs, could create a display that lets a person change the habitat based on the needs for the plant. This would make the habitat usable for a much larger range of plant species.

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