Project Title: DIY Hot Beverage Monitor

Project Creator: Peder Ward

Description: Peder’s girlfriend often burn her tongue when she unknowingly drinks beverages that are too hot. So, Peder created a device that would indicate if the beverage is too hot or at a perfect temperature. The device is red when the beverage is too hot, green when it is perfect, and blue when it is disconnected (no beverage is placed on top of the device).

Blue Light: No beverage on the device
Red Light: Beverage is too hot

Green Light: Beverage is the perfect temperature

Response: This arduino powered device is very useful. I think everyone could benefit from owning something like this. It has a minimal and straightforward design, which makes it user friendly and visually pleasing.

Improving This Design: If I were to improve upon this design, I would add a different state that indicates when a beverage is cold/room temperature. No one likes sipping cold tea or cold coffee, so the addition of this feature can beneficial. In addition, I would add a temperature reading so that the user knows the approximate temperature of the beverage. This added feature would allow us to see if the drink is cooling down too fast or not fast enough. It will also give ther user a range of values that is considered too hot, perfect, and cold.