Click Canvas, created by Natthakit Kim Kang, is an interactive wall installation that allows the user to create their own retro 8-bit artwork. Each “bit” (individual LED boxes) of the wall can be changed by the user clicking on it and cycling through the available colors, as well as turned off. The user has a large canvas of bits to design – 187, to be exact.

All the LED boxes after being attached to the wall.
Creator testing each of the LED boxes in his home.
Finished product – an artwork created by a user on the Click Canvas interactive wall.

I find it intriguing because he only used one Arduino (as far as I can tell) but was able to control many LED boxes, each seemingly operating on its own. I like that the user is able to set the colors for the boxes themselves, but the motion of clicking to cycle through the available colors is rather tedious. There must be ways to re-think how the user interacts with the boxes in order for it to convey the picture it wants. What may be an interesting addition would be having some sort of tablet that the user can change the lights on (as if in a simple software like MS paint) and have the wall change in real-time. This would also enable the user to possibly control the LED’s more efficiently.