photo of two examples of “Friend’s Light”

Project Title: Friend’s Light

Project Creator: Jihye Jeong, Heeju Kim, Youbin Nam

Response:This project was to create an interactive light, which had different outputs depending on both the light and level of interaction. They had created three different types of lights with little characters that went along with them. This project really intrigued me because they took the basic idea of light, but turned it into both a fun and almost living object. It’s one thing to simply create a product, but to integrate characteristic through light makes it that much more fun and valuable. What I may do to change it is to more clearly distinguish where the area that is supposed to be touched to turn the light on. Also, another note would be that if this was to be a product, I would have two modes where there was a simple light mode and an interactive mode this way, a person could have a simple light or have a character. The blinking of the light I understand brings life to the light bulbs, but practically speaking it would be nice to just kind of have a light since the form itself is already playful.