Project Title: Arduino-Controlled Robotic Drums

Creator: Randy Sarafan

Description: This project is a automated drum set in which the drums are hit using drumsticks driven by car door lock motors that are controlled by Arduino Unos and Arduino Motor Shields.

Robotic Drumset with Actuators on Each Drum and Cymbal

Response: I think this is a very interesting and unique use of the Arduino. As a musician I can see this being very useful. I would imagine that you can program the drums to play through specific songs, allowing you to play another instrument along with them.

In the video, the drums seem to be rather quiet. If I were to make my own version, I would try to use a stronger actuator possibly with variable strengths. This would essentially allow you to vary the volume of the drums. Thus, the drums can be set to play either quietly when its late at night and you do not want to wake up your roommate, or loudly when its the middle of the day and you really want to rock out.