complete by the start of class on Monday, Feb. 8th

Asynchronous learning

Your assignment for Monday is to asynchronously learn lots of technical Arduino material via the following Canvas modules:

  • Physical Computing Lab space
  • Arduino board
  • Electronics (you’ve already watched these videos in Homework 1; simply go through and answer all of the quiz questions to ensure your own comprehension)
  • Programming the Arduino
  • Tying it together: reading inputs, driving outputs

While you’re watching the lectures, please take a moment to post questions that arise at the Asynchronous homework questions board. This will help you get answers; help your classmates consider questions that they might not have had themselves, but which are important; and help me understand where there are gaps in understanding.

Finally, remember that the progress bar along the bottom of the video player is not the progress bar of your learning. If you don’t get something, pause and replay it, or ask a question at the discussion board (or write me an email if you prefer).

Optional research opt-in reminder

A reminder that if you’d like to opt-in to the NSF-funded research being conducted for this course, click here to sign up for the Smart Maker NSF study. If you participate, you’ll get a $25 gift certificate at the end of the semester!