• Before class: please disassemble and stow any remaining materials from the first tutorial.
  • Please sign up  on your own for fire extinguisher training as needed: BioRaft Fire Extinguisher Use
  • If you need IDeATe laser cutter training, please speak to Garth and we’ll schedule a session.
  • Suzie has linked her presentation from the first class here.
  • Please tag A10A reservations as non-exclusive by tagging your name with ‘open’, e.g. ‘garthz-open’.  This will help ease contention.
  • If you are unfamiliar with Max, please spend some time on the basic tutorials; Max is available on cluster machines.  You may find our Max Review Guide helpful.
  • Headshots: Garth will take your photo just to help with learning names.
  • Events Not to Miss: Annina Rust, Skawannati, Hacking/Modding/Remixing


  • Video review from the Tabletop Optical Puppetry tutorial.
  • Tutorial: Cameras and Light
  • Workshop exercise: Light and Camera