This project began with a suspended and crumpled sheet of paper and ended with a cinematic visual akin to a science fiction set piece. After hanging the crumpled paper on a stand, we aimed a light beneath the paper and towards an angled gel sheet. Using another light, we aimed it towards the edge of the crumpled paper. When projecting several lights on the surface of the paper, a blend occurred that produced numerous colors and shades which in turn created a landscape. From something random, made by the act of balling up a planar sheet of paper, came an understandable logic of mountains, rivers and valleys through the use of simple film techniques. The iPhone itself, a easy to use, mobile device, became the easiest method of translating the set into a realistic depiction of landscape. By using birds-eye and oblique angles, the camera projected a large spatial field, while only being, roughly,  a 3′ x 3′ set. In the end, just through the motion and position of a camera, came the essence of a ship, hovering and sweeping, over an unknown land and environment. (Justin Abel) (Madeline Duque) (Sydney Ayers) (Samuel Day) (Xavier Apostol)