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This is a study in the play of light and shadow on a revolving form. Through backlighting the object, the shot becomes scaleless, and its revolutions push and…

Analog Vectors

Background: Vaporwave Vaporwave is a musical subgenre that originated in the early 2010’s and spread throughout youth culture over the next half decade. It is characterized by the…


Using the stepper motor turntable we created a balanced apparatus that reflected itself as it spun. The lights and colors are all experimentations that we plan on building…


The group used two stepper motors with an LED attached to it in order to create a spirograph. Long-exposure shots were then taken in sequence with a PC…

Teal Streaks

Stop Motion Project for 60-428 by Haobo Wang, Nitesh Sridhar, Rebecca Marcus, and Sam Day Vimeo Link:

The Sea Slug

By using a line of repeated joints and a servo to pull at a single connection, we were able to create an “inching” movement, serving as foundation for the animal….

Newton’s Cradle

Pre-established laws aren’t always followed. created by:  Andrew Chang, Melody Ting, Ricardo Tucker, Sam Stark, and Sydney Ayers   Process Images:

Ermine Violin

A futuristic vision of the day when robotic musicians try to emulate our culture. Lacking a surviving audio recording, they can only produce the appearance of a violin….


Robo_Cine_Project3_480   This project centers around an apparatus constructed out of black elastic rope. The pulling and pushing of this crafted object caused it to flux organically, which…

Triangular Bearings

Triangle plus light plus nuts plus screws plus shadow plus camera plus string plus straw plus servos plus control board plus computer plus time plus electricity plus bearings…