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Alas Poor Y0riCK (Rough Cut)

Slime Video Rough Draft

A very rough draft of our final video. The final video will be about 5 minutes – cleaning up some animated scenes. Note: The quality of the rough…

Monster Rat Rough Cut

Monster Rat Dailies and Early Keying – 04182017

Dailies from 04182017 Key tests on shots so far

Final Project Footage / Dailies (Slime Video)

213570294 The scenes in this video will be color corrected, keyed, animated over, and will have audio over the next week. Animated scenes will be shown in class.

Monster Rat – Key Test 04172017

https://vimeo.com/213528627 Testing the key of our video. Some smoking, but that can be covered up either by tightening the frame or animating in fires.

Test Timeline 1 – 04162017

Showing the narrative flow with example footage.

Monster Rat – 04132017 – Boardroom Dailies

Committing to the ‘unedited’ look in these shots, and the slugfest outro with Monty Python ending.  Will be interspersed with closely framed seated lines.  Most of our footage…

Monster Rat – Fight Dailies 04092017

The dailies encompassing our footage of the fight scenes.  As discussed, these may be very difficult to apply postproduction effects to, so one of our contingency plans is…

Monster Rat – Script and Audio

Script and audio clips so far produced.  More script will likely be made to turn the board room scene into less governmental humor (which the author has been…