The following course calendar is tentative and subject to change.

DateDayClassDeliverables DueIn-Class Activity
Introduction to the history of special effects.
Introduction to philosophy and technology of DIY tabletop effects.
1/19Thu2Animatronics tutorial: Tabletop Optical Puppetry
1/24Tue3demo 1Video tutorial: Cameras and Codecs
1/26Thu4Animatronics tutorial: Armature Design
1/31Tue5demo 2Animatronics tutorial: Armature Automation
(Suzie absent.)
2/7Tue7demo 3Animatronics tutorial: Automated Stop-Motion
2/9Thu8Video tutorial: Lighting
2/14Tue9demo 4Project 1 Intro: Kaleidoscopic Perception and Microcosmic Spectacle
Intro to Editing: Continuity and Montage
2/16Thu10Animatronics tutorial: Camera and Light Motion Control
(Suzie absent.)
2/21Tue11demo 5
project 1 concept drawings
Project 1 Start
2/28Tue13project 1 hardware complete
3/5Suntest video 1
3/9Thu16final video 1Project 1 Critique
3/14TueSpring Break - no class
3/16ThuSpring Break - no class
3/21Tue17Lecture/Screening: Creating Characters and Telling Stories
3/23Thu18Animatronics tutorial: Optical Effects, e.g. Pepper's Ghost
3/28Tue19six frame storyboard,
one page script or scenario
Video tutorial: Compositing and Visual Effects
3/30Thu20Intro to Narrative and Character
Animatronics tutorial: Remote Puppetry (Teleoperation)
4/4Tue21scenery/effects proof of conceptProject 2 Start
4/6Thu22video test (at least five minutes of dailies)
4/18Tue25Dailies selects for all scenes.
4/20ThuSpring Carnival - no class
4/25Tue26Rough cut of project 2 video.
5/4Thu29Project 2 video.
Project 2 documentation.
Project 2 Critique