Rabbit Hole #2

Does NFT Actually Provide A Brighter Future for Visual Artists?

NFTs, with the full name of non-fungible tokens, are popular these days around the globe. Unlike Bitcoin, NFTs are unique digital assets and each has a digital signature that allows NFTs to be “exchanged for or equal to one another”. The most expensive NFT until now is Everydays: The First 5000 Days by Beeple, originally […]

Rabbit Hole #1

How Can Technologies Help with Culture Heritage’s Restoration and Preservation?

In 2019, Microsoft announced its AI for Cultural Heritage program, aiming to preserve and treasure people, places, and historical artifacts through AI technology and collaboration with cultural nonprofit organizations. “Preserving cultural heritage isn’t something that is solely nice to have or nice to do, it’s sometimes imperative to the well-being of the world’s societies.” – […]