Sand Sculptures: Sketching 3D Shapes from 2D Sand Drawings

Hybrid Skill Workflow Diagram:






Written Description:

The first step in this workflow involves using a sandbox for the drawing template. By using sand as the drawing medium, it makes it easy to create and reset patterns. Once a pattern is drawn it can either be modified or saved to be used to design the final sculpture. The Kinect depth camera will analyze the drawing pattern as a curve and Grasshopper will use that to generate a sculptural volumetric form.

Grasshopper will calculate and display the form, updating it as you draw, clear, and redraw curves in the sand. This will be based off of revolving or sweeping through the curves to create a vase-like form. After adding enough curves and adjusting the spacing and look of the curves, you can finalize the form for fabrication.

The final form could be fabricated in a multitude of ways from the 3D model grasshopper generates. We have decided to use the ABB 6-axis robot to fabricate the finalized form out of sand.

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