Infusing Art with Technology

SplashDisplay is an interactive art piece on temporary display at Kawasaki City Museum. Created by a team of researchers and artists and headed by Yasushi Matoba, a Ph.D. candidiate for HCI at the University of Electro-Communicatuions, Japan.

This project utilizes projectile beads on the table to create a real time volumetric display system. When pressured air hits from the bottom of the table the balls fly up and are illuminated, the result is a three-dimensional light display combining the physical and digital interfaces.

The entire experience is quite technologically dependent. Under the table is a xy table attached to a speaker to push up the tiny balls. To detect movement, the setup is equipped with an IR camera, IR light, and projector to display light screens. When an object interacts with the display it is detected by the IR light and the display responds accordingly.

An avenue of interest to explore could be how currently the balls are confined to the area of the table because of the xy speaker area. The incorporation of the speaker could incorporate other means of interaction that may not necessitate the motor and movement system underneath, thus freeing the project up to a larger field of engagement and interaction.

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