Pencil Transporter Gizmo 2

Due Tuesday April 10

Just as you were about to take off, having successfully replaced the gizmo you destroyed, the planet underwent a natural catastrophe that caused the rivers to double in acidity.  Having ramps and slides over the river is no longer feasible since the fumes are so strong. Now, the inhabitants need a new pencil transporter gizmo. Despite their earlier promise to you, they have removed the fuel from your craft and have promised (again) to let you leave when you give then a new transporter.

They also lost a lot of pencils during the disaster, and they have asked you to minimize the number of pencils in the new gizmo.

The landscape, facts, and the rules remain the same as for Gizmo 1. They need the new Gizmo by 3:00pm Tuesday April 10.

Rules: You will load the pencil into your Gizmo just before you demonstrate your Gizmo (i.e. it can’t be built into the Gizmo). You will supply the power by pushing or pulling something, but you can’t touch the structure once the pencil is loaded.

Facts to consider:

  • Your Gizmo must be free standing. It cannot be taped to the landscape in any way. You will come up, set your Gizmo down, load the pencil(s), provide the power, and watch your pencil(s) land gently on the other side of the river.
  • The cliff closest to the river on the launch side is 6″ high; the cliff on  the far side is 2″ high.
  • The inhabitants have motors, so they will be able to continue to use your Gizmo after you have left for home. You should design and build a Gizmo that is meant to last.
  • Their building materials are unsharpened, full size, #2 pencils with erasers.
  • The inhabitants have a strong esthetic sense and they will not accept an ugly Gizmo in their landscape.
  • The inhabitants are small, and they are very protective of their children (who are even smaller). So they will not accept a Gizmo that catapults pencils or otherwise endangers their children.

Check the grading criteria here.