Cardboard phone box

Due Friday May 4, 2018

I can’t think of a good story for this one, but I need to be sure that you can all generate dxf files and operate the laser cutter. Here’s the assignment:

Design, manufacture and assemble a cardboard box that completely encloses your cell phone. The box must meet the following requirements:

  1. Your box is made only of cardboard. I can’t list all the materials you can’t use, but the obvious ones are glue, string, and any kind of elastic bands.
  2. Your name is engraved or cut somewhere on the box. Extra decoration is fine.
  3. All of the cuts to the cardboard are made with the laser cutter.
  4. Your phone fits neatly in your box (height, width, and depth) with small clearances on all sides.

The types of joints you use is up to you. Note that you can score cardboard with the laser cutter to fold it.

When you are done, send me ( the following:

  1. the dxf file
  2. a picture of the pieces of the box laid out flat
  3. a picture of your box assembled with the top open so I can see your cell phone inside
  4. a picture of your box closed up with your cell phone inside (which I won’t be able to tell since the box will completely enclose your cell phone).