Table of toy concepts

Student Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3
1 Frisball
2  Sketch of a companion cube toy
Companion Ball
 Sketch of a wave visualizer toy
Cuckoo Clock
 Sketch of a toy clock
Wave Visualizer
3 Acrobat Toy
Acrobat Toy
Whirly Flyer
Woodpecker Toy
Cool magnetic floating UFO

String Sound Machine

Translucent color pinwheel
5 Animals and Colors matching game
Dog Chariot
Dog Chariot
Sunglasses that change lens color
Shades of Color
 Dabbing Machine

Fidget Spinner Coin Bank
Talking Tom Plush
7 Depiction of ball joint toys for building creatures/devices
Joints and Rigid Bodies
 Sketch of toy hand that one could make grab things by pulling on trigger
Glove with slinkies on each finger
Slinky Glove
Block Jigsaw Puzzle

Playing Floor Mat
Weight Scale
Weight Scale
9 A sketch of a light up xylophone and two mallets.
Light-Up Xylophone
A sketch of a toy with slots for different shaped pegs-- a star, a square, and a cylinder.
Matching Shape  Box
 A sketch of a music box marble run toy.
Music Box Marble Run
10 Fishing game with replaceable gears on the reel
Gear Fishing Game
Bendable polymer figure containing Nitinol wires that will bend back to shape when placed in warm water
Shape Memory Alloy Bendable Man
Top with pegs that weights can be placed on. Adjust center of gravity/height of top.
Weight Adjustable Top

Rubber Popper
Jack of all Trades
Makeshift Legos
14 Ceph-a-lo-Sort Concept DrawingCeph-a-lo-Sort OctoPod Concept Drawing
 Wind-up Octopus Concept Drawing
Wind-up Octopus
15 Acrobat toy
Ladder Gymnast
Diagram of toy
Modular Siege Equipment
Drawing of the toy
Slingshot Helicopter


 2D folding map for shapes
Shape Shifters
 Piano with textured keys and music
The Playano
17 MessMaker Toy Concept
Mess Maker
Gear Gains Toy Box
Gear Ratios are cool!

Gear Gains

UnpredictiBall Design Sketch


Bottle Rocket Car
Vortex Air Cannon

Whistling Stomp Rocket

19  A toy designed after a sock monkey whose arms can be used to learn about balancing by placing bananas on notches.
Monkey Madness
A sphere shaped toy that can be taken apart and put back together like a puzzle. Also feaures a maze on the inside for smaller balls to travel through.
Puzzle Maze
 A rolling Xylophone toy that is played by rolling it along a mat with pegs that hit the notes.
Rylo Xylo
Density Container

Ferrofluid and Magnet Set
Filter Lens Glasses
Excavator Toy
22  Sketch of Balancing BlocksBalancing Blocks Designs for the Gauss RacerGauss Marble Racer A water based pan flute
Water Flute
23 Gee-Haw Whammy Diddle Preliminary Sketch
Gee-Haw Mod
 Whirligig Preliminary Sketch
Wacky Whirligig
 A string powered top that creates noise when it spins by the holes in its side
24 A crossbow-like aparatus with a ball and numbers going down the shaft
Fun Launcher
Gear stage with gear stacked on top
It’s a Gear’s World
Jacob's ladder laid out with blocks numbered 1-6
Jacob’s Rainbow
25 Concept Drawing of a Curved Lego
Curved Lego

Slinky Snake
Concept drawing for a sticky-hand gun
Sticky-Hand Gun
27 Jurgens: Toy sketch for build-your-own-toy-car
Build your own toy car
Jurgens: Toy sketch of Rube Goldberg Machine kit
Rube Goldberg Machine Kit
 Jurgens: Toy concept sketch for single-dog dog sled
Single-dog Dog Sled
28 Orthographic sketch of model catapult
Baby’s First Catapult
Schematic drawing of vinegar baking soda rocket and associated components.
Baby’s First Surface to Surface Rocket
Sketch of trebuchet concept
29 Sketch of pieces of the circuit tower with description
Circuit Tower
 Watering can that lights up with the flow of water
Hydropowered LED Watering Can
Swivel cart with breaks and headlight sketch
Swivel Car
4 square memory game

Children’s night light

Scale piano