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  1. Read Tom Igoe’s what-not-to-do page: http://www.tigoe.com/blog/category/physicalcomputing/176/ and the short-story attached to this email and post your thoughts in the blog
    – Tom Igoe’s page
    I found this text very witty. I knew that when I work with a computer, I have to think like a computer and run over the line by line, but I never really thought about things in a reverse way of how computer sees US. As an art student, the Scooby-Doo painting interested me because when I went to Harry Potter World in Universal Studio, I always wondered how these paintings (displays) could sense where I am standing in the line and wondered if I could make one for my art as well. Another one that intrigued me from non-art-perspective was Things you yell at, mostly because I used to have a yelling session during final weeks back in high school with my friends. I was interested in that those sessions might actually do something productive.

    -Short Story: Descendant
    I am guessing from the conversation the man and the suit are having….the suit has artificial intelligence? So I searched up what year this was written, and the wikipedia said it was written in 1987. I was surprised how the author had such imagination, yet I assume that it was more of a personification than an aspiration towards technology.
    I was interested that his user experience with this suit is more ‘human-like.’ The suit seems to have some sort of personality. For me, it came to me as a lonesome personality, yet I feel like it could be curiosity as well. The suit resembles my mindset when I make things. Like the suit, I have much expectations for my creations, keep multiple questions on my mind about what is next, and try to work “with” my creation rather than dragging the creation around with the way I want.
    I was quite surprised with the ending that the main protagonist was actually the suit, not the human. It connects with Igoe’s text with the reverse way of thinking that it was the suit who was wearing the human.
    Maybe this kind of idea carried on with Iron Man as well.

    Assess what skills you can bring to the class and your projects, maybe share those as Looking Outward?
    1.Art skills (art major, sculpture/installation concentration, but good with most mediums)
    2. Fluent in Korean, English, Japanese, have two diplomas in French, learned German for two years
    3.Good at video games
    4.Fast at decision making..?

  2. Assess what skills you can bring to the class and your projects, maybe share those as Looking Outward?

    I study computer science so I can bring my coding/debugging skills to the class. I’ve done research on machine knitting at the Textiles lab, so I have some experience with soft fabrication and using a industrial knitting machine(Though I’m not sure how useful that is during the pandemics).

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