Class 10, 1 October notes


voting – go vote!  If you think you’ll be late for class, please drop me email in advance.

celebrate non-US holidays:  Chuseok and other Fall-holidays are a perfectly fine reason to miss class

Update:  another banned assignment is navigation belts as they have been done to death.

Physical interaction with temperature

Adam Savage’s DIY costume cooling vest for cosplay and a commercial alternative.

Consider medical/physically safety with devices that touch the skin.  It’s really easy to get burned/frozen with Pletier plates and ice.  Instead of smoke, use soap bubbles and a fan.

Coaching vs. grading

Think  about coaching, providing good feedback and encouragement to take a positive action instead of negative feedback.   In Total Control Training we use positive feedback and coaching.  Instead of saying, “You did that wrong, you were too slow going in to the corner,do it again” we say “That’s good, now do it again with a little more throttle as you go in to the corner.”

You want your interaction to be one that invites people and makes them want to interact.  If you do a good job, people will wait in line to use your interaction:

Example: sports trainer that monitors your HR, BP, breathing rate, and hydration and knows your training course.  It encourages you to do better instead of punishing you for not doing enough.

Example: music “coach” that helps you learn to perform music. Watches your body and helps you correct form/posture.  Reminds you that you are always performing, even when you’re just practicing a scale or an etude.

Something to read over the break:  Alice Miller’s “For Your Own Good“, a criticism arguing that we replace the pedagogy of punishment  with support for learning, using the German pedagogy that gave rise to support of fascism as one study.

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