Assignment 8

I have quite a few feelings associated with sounds, so I’m going to just list them below for clarity:


  • Jingling sound on a dog collar
  • Oven timer because it means desserts are done usually
  • Housemate playing guitar


  • Flies buzzing, especially because we have way too many of them in the kitchen
  • Neighbors playing music really loudly
  • When I was in Morewood Gardens, the fire alarm because it went off falsely a bunch of times
  • Loud work-boots on the floor above me


  • Neighbor in the room next to mine (duplex) talking and laughing loudly really late at night after I’ve asked for them to at least do so quieter/downstairs if it’s past 1am. Thankfully this has basically stopped since the first few weeks of school where I was kept up till 3-4am consistently…


  • Rain

Without titles/names and no video, I wouldn’t be able to tell most of the sounds from Star Trek, but the red alert, transporter and photon torpedo sounds to me relate well to the names. The computer noises without any other clues sound like what robots would make. To me, car sounds mainly don’t carry an emotion unless it’s honking which is used to convey annoyance much of the time. When it comes to sounds I’ve never heard in movies, I tend to just believe that they make sense without questioning it; I even learn the sound association pretty quickly. Thankfully I’ve never heard a gun go off anywhere near me, but babies crying always seem louder than they probably are. I think this could be because of how high pitched it is.



Hey everyone! I'm a senior in mechanical engineering with a minor in physical computing. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and build some cool projects:)

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