Mini Assignment 9

  • a song clothes washer/dryer plays when the cycles are finished. They are in a closet so sometimes they go unnoticed even though the cycles are finished.
  • Some sound effect that plays before I head out to let me know if it is raining or snowing outside. It is very frustrating to realize I need to go back up to grab an umbrella when I already went all the way down.
  • Sound effect that reminds me that the defrost is finished in the sink. It usually takes about 90 minutes and I can forget about it from time to time.
  • Plays a very happy song when package arrives. Sometimes I don’t know they are already here because they are in the leasing office.
  • A voice line to remind me to head out 5 minutes before the bus arrives. There is a bus stop near my apartment and it would be nice if I can get to the stop right before the bus comes.

Author: Zerui Huo

Hi I am a junior majoring in civil engineering. I would like to do a minor in physical computing. I like playing video games.

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