Arduino memory / p5.js

If you apply power to the Metro through the power jack, you can disconnect/reconnect from p5.js.   There’s a tiny power switch between the USB port and power connector that needs to be flipped to handle external power.

  1. Connect Arduino to computer, download sketch.
  2. Disconnect Arduino, collect data
  3. Connect Arduino to computer, run p5.js connection and read data

Here’s a simple Arduino sketch and p5.js script: memory-example

Course Notes, 5 Apr 2018

The assignment is here.  If you have anything to contribute for final projects please post them in the “Looking Out” category.


The Chair: Rethinking Body, Culture, and Design, by Galen Cranz

Nomadic Furniture: D-I-Y Projects that are Lightweight and Light on the Environment , by Papanek and Hennesey


Adafruit guide.

Sparkfun guide.



Crowd-supported choose-your-own-story



Class notes, 29 March

Reading assignment, try to finish by 10 April, In Praise of Shadows.

Assignment: write a short (~1 page) story about a final project.  Don’t concern yourself with how it’s implemented or what it would cost, focus on a story of an interaction. (This can become the proposal for your final project.)

Rough calendar:

3 Apr – How to write a proposal

5 Apr – Review proposals for final project

10 Apr – work day

12 Apr – work day

17 Apr – rough crit

19 Apr – no class

24 Apr – work day

26 Apr – work day

1 May – crit + class show

3 May – crit + class show

Class Notes + Exercise, 20 Mar

If you weren’t ready for today’s crit, please present on Thursday.

Exercise:  Find and investigate an interesting physical interaction project and write a paragraph or two about how it works and what you learned from your investigation.

Reminder that we have a list of resources, let me know if you’d like anything added:


Our Friends Electric – blogs, news, etc

Class Notes, 6 Mar 2018

Bruce Sterling and the future of design

Bruce Sterling talk at 5pm, 7 March, Kresge.

Bruce Sterling’s closing keynote at IXDA

Bruce Sterling: Closing Keynote from Interaction Design Association on Vimeo.

Bill Baxton’s collection of Interactive Devices

Science Fiction and Interaction Design

William Gibson, “Neuromancer

William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, “The Difference Engine

K. W. Jeter, “Dr. Adder

Blade Runner 2049 at Row Theatre