Final Project: Running Companion!

This project used a blob code to animate a character that runs with you. By wearing bands of a certain color, the computer can determine what pace goal you want to set, and how fast you’re running. Using the difference between these two paces, it determines the location of the animal companion on the screen. If the pace is slower than the pace goal, then the animal will move to the left of the screen, as if it is running faster than you. If the pace is faster than the pace goal, the animal will move to the right of the screen, as if it is running slower than you.

The amount of bands that you wear determines what animal companion you get, and what your pace goal is. The animal runs at the pace goal.

This sort of pace-keeper allows for runners to be more conscious about their cadence, and makes fixing their cadence easier.


The project in use:

At the final presentation:

Here’s my final code, you have to open it in processing:


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