Ideas for Visual Crit – James Kyle

In thinking about projects that I could do for the visual crit, I thought about two ways of representing information visually. The first idea I had was a different version of the ripe fruit detector from last crit. I was thinking it would be cool if you cold take color data from one spectrum and manipulate it/represent it in another spectrum to make colors “easier” to discern.

Another idea I had was somehow representing data about utility usage visually. This would probably require a combination of p5.js and maybe other sensing from utility meters around the house to give you a more continuous representation but I think it could be cool to take this data and map it to a tank of water or a thunderstorm for electricity (more electricity usage translating to a larger storm). I also think this could be used to represent usage compared to household averages or goals based on how green or efficient you would want your house to be (This idea may be outside the scope of a crit but would be really fun to think about).

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