complete by the start of class on Tuesday, September 6th

Asynchronous learning

25 points

Your assignment for Tuesday is to asynchronously learn lots more technical Arduino material via asynchronous lectures:

  • wrap up the Electronics modules you didn’t already do (“Electronics: flow math” and “Electronics: solve for resistance”)
  • all of the “Programming the Arduino” modules
  • all of the “Tying it together: reading inputs, driving outputs” modules
  • new—added after class on 9/1 the first modules from “More inputs and outputs”:
    • Electronics and software: digital inputs
    • Electronics: wiring a button
    • Challenge: button, potentiometer, blink
  • optional additional modules which will be assigned Tuesday 9/6 and due on Thursday 9/8—work ahead if you like:
    • Hardware: hobby servo motor
    • Software and electronics: varying output voltages
    • Hardware: photoresistor

The final video lecture of the “Tying it together” section is called “Challenge: vary an LED’s rate of blinking,” and you should upload a quick video of your own project working to the Canvas assignment for this homework. If you are not able to complete the challenge, please upload a video of however far you’re able to get, and explain verbally what’s giving you trouble.

Reminder as you’re watching the asynchronous lectures: the progress bar along the bottom of the video player is not the progress bar of your learning. If you don’t get something, pause and replay it, or ask a question on the discussion board.

Ask at least one question

5 points

While you’re watching the lectures, please take a moment to post questions that arise at the Asynchronous homework questions forum. This will help you get answers; help your classmates consider questions that they might not have had themselves, but which are important; and help me understand where there are gaps in understanding.

To get these 5 points, please post at least one question. (No additional points for additional questions, though I certainly welcome them.)