project title: Arduino CNC Plotter

project creator: MegaDAS

Description: CNC stands for computer numerical control. The arduino CNC plotter moves its parts in accordance with the instructions it is provided in order to draw a desired image or text. It uses 2 stepper motors as actuators and the arduino controls them individually depending on the instructions it receives. A servo motor is used to lift the pen up or down depending on if a mark should be drawn or not.

3D printed parts, electrical, and other hardware components for the machine
Final product after assembly
An image drawn by the machine (left) compared to the desired image (right)

Response: I found this project very interesting because it seems fairly practical and could help someone who has shaky hands or poor handwriting to write place cards for a dinner or even address an envelope. This machine could also be used to help an artistically challenged person (like myself) draw small images. The images produced by this particular machine are a bit crude, so if I were to build this myself I would focus on making the lines more accurate in order to enable the machine to draw more intricate designs.

Here is the link to the project.