Project title: Bucky Touch

Project creator: jbumstead´╗┐

Short description: A dodecahedron (a polyhedron with twelve flat faces) lamp that when touched on any of the faces, will play a musical note. The lamp also lights up with a different color when touched and each face works as a key (much like the keys on the piano). In addition, by flipping a toggle switch, music can play on the Bucky Touch.

Response: I think that this project is a great way to see the capabilities of the arduino. When you look at the Arduino board, it’s hard to imagine all of the capabilities of the board, however when I look at this project with the touch sensors, the lights, as well as the speaker emitting the sound, you are able to see how much an Arduino can do. Visually this project is really nice to look at and the way that the note is played once the “key” is tapped is really satisfying. I would possibly improve this project by making a purpose to the clicking, or finding a way so that you can push the keys simultaneously and for a longer period of time to make a continuous song.