Title: Crimson Fox: Raising Awareness to Take a Break While Working
Creator: ReinKTH
Description: Created for a class, the product changes form in order to remind the user to take a break while studying/working. The shape of the product is a fox and mimics breathing motions in order to indicate duration of work time. When the user first begins to work, they pet the fox. The fox “breathes” from that point on and when it feels like the user has been working for too long, the breathing will be panicked. In order to calm the fox down, the user must pet it again (indicating that the user has been working for too long and should take a break). The petting to calm the fox will indicate how long the user would like to take a break. To resume work, just simply pet the fox once more.

Video demonstrating the concept

Response: I thought that the concept was something I valued. I particularly enjoy designing in order to enhance every day activities such as work! However, I would like to have improved it by creating more interaction between the fox and the user. The solution by this team was simple and effective, but I view there could be more clarification about when the user would like to take a break because different works require different amounts of focus/ work duration.