Project Title: Piattuino Plate Robot

Project Creator: Heinz Pieren

Short Description:
Inspired by piano-playing robots and a Chilean instrument using plates, Pieren set out construct his own instrument and created a robot to play it (in order to bypass the need for hours of practice and musical training).

Project Page:

As a fan of strange machinery and instruments (such as the Wintergatan Marble Machine, or the Sheng) and of music in general, I found this project delightful.

If I were to attempt a similar project, I might try for a series of drinking glasses filled to various levels and reproduce notes that way, purely for the novelty factor. A notable drawback to this approach is that using liquids results in a system that must be periodically refilled, and makes tuning difficult. As a result, it would not be able to accurately reproduce songs and should instead be treated like chimes.