By Kaitlin McTigue, Nathan Naylor

What is a double transducer?

A “double transducer” is a device that reads some sort of input signal, converts it to a signal in a different domain, and then converts it a second time. The three domains we used for this simple double transducer are distance, light, and angle/direction.

Our project in a nutshell:

The first step in our project is a sensor that detects the distance of an object from it. When the user brings an object closer, the brightness of a light is raised and detected by a sensor that measures light. The data about the amount of light is then used to tell a little motor to point to a specific angle.

The power, data, and calculations are all handled by an Arduino microcontroller.


1 proximity sensor
1 photoreceptor
1 potentiometer

1 servometer
Serial Monitor Feedback


The IR Proximity Sensor.
Project in Motion. When the user moves their finger closer to the IR sensor, the end result is the servo moving it’s arm to 180 degrees.