1. Growing Up Sux

    1. Jennifer Kwang, Melody Ting, Ricardo Tucker, Sam Stark
    2. 5/3/17
  2. Abstract

    The goal of this project was to create a short film with every shot being a fully realized image created by the group. The result is a short film referencing the joys and creativity of childhood while comparing it to the struggles of adulthood.

  3. Objectives

    Our goal for this project was to create a story that played on nostalgia and a kid’s misconception of adulthood. Our group found it funny how a child so often wants to grow up to be an adult, while an adult is envying the child’s position themselves. This resulted in a simple, quick story where a child travels to the future so they can be an adult themselves, only to find themselves in an office cubicle.

  4. Implementation

    Our story led us to think about child pop-up/sliding books. We really enjoyed the look and texture of simple construction paper scenes that begin to be layered to create a sense of depth that would otherwise not be there. Effects were added in post to create page turning effects and so that the book opens to the scenes.

  5. Outcomes

    1. Successes – Every shot is created based on the team’s artistic vision, no pre-fabricated objects were used for visuals. All motion was visual and works with the aesthetic of the video.
    2. Failures – Timeline of project became overextended due to intense craft in each scene. Bottle neck work flow made it difficult to proceed at times and to create a multitude of scenes.
  6. Contribution

    1. Jen Kwang – Space craft design, Origami Space Backdrop, set construction, film/puppetry
    2. Melody Ting – Story board, concept art, illustrator drawings, set construction, film/puppetry
    3. Ricardo Tucker – Sound sourcing, set construction, film/puppetry, editing
    4. Sam Stark – Sound sourcing, illustrator/rhino3d drawings, laser cutting, film/puppetry
  7. Photo Documentation

    Sketch/Concept Art

    Sketch/Concept Art

    Illustrator layout

    Character pieces cut out

    Hand cut spaceships/crafts

    Scene assembly

    Preliminary scene layout.

    Rough shot of first scene

    Camera setup

    Camera Setup

  8. Citations

    All sound used in project was either created by the group or found on Freesound.org: http://freesound.org/