Our team is going to explore continuous motion, optical isolation using disparate light sources in an environment where they are the only items visible, stop motion to produce the illusion of progress, and discrete programmable motion to create the illusion of agency. Building on the framework we built for our stepper motor exercise, we have created the following outline:

1. Open on the spinning color wheel (similar to the opening of Allures)
2. Zoom into center until it’s totally black
3. Zoom back out on a black balloon.
4. Arm on servo attached to the colorful cloth covered spinning thing (from most recent exercise) pops balloon
5. Stop motion pipe cleaners and ribbon spill out
6. Pipe cleaner crawls up onto color wheel
7. Zoom back out of color wheel but now there’s a pipe cleaner on it

Our process: We had brainstormed the color wheel, cloth thing, and balloon bursting caterpillar in advance and put them together to form a singular stream of consciousness creating a loose narrative so that there would be an experience which was cyclical in the same way as many of the effects involved.


(Haobo Wang, Katherine Wang, Paul Calhoun, Rebecca Marcus, Xavier Apostol)