Our team will conduct a study on the patterns and movements of nature through mechanized systems, using simple linkages, gears, and motors to find ways to imitate the natural flow of movement in the physical world, drawing inspiration from plants, animals, and landscapes.  The film will embrace and showcase the use of simple machines and built apparatuses rather than hide them.

Drawing inspiration from the ‘butterfly effect’ of Rube Goldberg machines, we intend to create individual set-ups whose movements serve as metaphorical or physical catalysts for the next series of machines, creating a visually cohesive sequence.


Current ideas that may be implemented in the final film:

  • Manipulation of spiderwebs based on designs similar to that of cat’s cradle
  • Blossoming of a flower based on movement of origami folds
  • Natural geometric occurrences (honeycombs, fibonacci spirals, fractals patterns in rivers/tree branches, etc)


Group Project Members:

Jen Kwang

Sam Stark

Melody Ting

Ricardo Tucker